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Getting started with WeMix

What is WeMix?

WeMix is legal download music video subscription service for DJs, VJs, Nightclubs, Bars, Gyms/Fitness Clubs, Hair Salons, Stores - anywhere where music videos are played in public by DJs/VJs.

How does WeMix work?

You need an active membership package subscription and credits to be able to download music videos from the WeMix website.

You say WeMix is legal - how so?

WeMix is fully licensed by the relevant organisations and is thus legal. You can be assured that when you buy music videos from WeMix that part of the money you pay will be going to the artists and songwriters as per our contracts with the licensing organisations. We are also established as a Limited Company in the UK & Wales (Company Number: 10608782) and stay within the legal parameters of the tax system (VAT Number: GB281 4227 13). This is protects you and ourselves from any nasty surprises in the future.

I can’t find a video I want on the WeMix website?

If you can't find a certain video, or you would like a certain remix/version In our database – please send an email to and include a YouTube link to the video you want so we know an official video exists and we will do our best to add it to our library ASAP.

Can I add videos to my Crate if I don’t have an active membership package subscription?

Yes, you can add videos to your Crate even if you don’t have an active membership package subscription.

I would like to play the song without the video?

It is also possible to just use the files as audio files and not output the video to screens or projectors with the right software (Serato, Virtual DJ, Rekordbox & Mix Emergency will all do this).

Can I share or sell my music video library?

You are not allowed to share or sell your music video library under any circumstances. If we become aware that you are sharing or selling your music videos we will inform the relevant authorities. If in doubt, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Do I need a licence to play WeMix videos in public?

Yes, the files do not come with a public performance licence and you must obtain one from your local licensing organisation to be able to play all music video files in public. If we are informed by a licensing organisation that you do not have a valid public performance licence then we will have to stop supplying you until such a licence is in place.

Contact us

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any questions, comments or suggestions. We will come back to you ASAP with friendly and helpful answers or solutions.